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School Charter

Mission Statement

Porirua School aims to have happy, healthy students who enjoy learning with the encouragement and support of the many cultures reflected in our community.

General Goals

To provide a safe, secure and positive school environment for students, staff and parents.

Our goals for our students are:

  • to give them the opportunity to fully develop their intellectual, personal and social skills;
  • to be able to make choices and take responsibility for their decisions;
  • to learn about and value our dual New Zealand heritage;
  • to be given the opportunity to learn the Maori language;
  • to appreciate other cultures and their beliefs;
  • to be given a wide range of recreational activities and develop physical fitness;
  • to accept and understand those with special needs.

Guiding Principles

The Board of trustees will work with the staff and parents to ensure that all students are given an education which respects their dignity, rights and individuality. Their education will challenge them to achieve personal standards of excellence and to reach their full potential. All school activities will be designed to advance these purposes in ways which meet the National Achievement Guidelines and the Goals of the school.


Every child in this school shall have the best possible learning opportunity.  There will be a balanced curriculum, which enables all learners to acquire knowledge and practise their skills,

  • teaching and assessment will be based upon the achievement objectives and the key competencies, developed in the New Zealand Curriculum document;
  • basic literacy and numeracy skills will be learnt;
  • physical and aesthetic abilities will be enhanced;
  • realistic personal standards of achievement will be set;
  • scholarship will be valued and encouraged at every level; and 
  • every child will be aware of the dual cultural heritage and the many cultured nature of our society.


Equity objectives underpin all activities in this school. This school's policies and practices seek to achieve equitable outcomes for students of both sexes, and all religions, ethnic, cultural, social, family and class backgrounds whatever their abilities and disabilities.

Equal Educational Opportunity

All students will have equal opportunity to participate and succeed in the full range of school activities. The school will identify and respond to the individual needs of each student. The programmes in the school will aim to redress existing inequities and address the current and future needs of students of all races in our community, students with disabilities, and students with other special learning needs. The programmes will also aim to redress the institutional barriers in terms of gender stereotypes.

Treaty of Waitangi

The Board of trustees accepts the obligation to develop policies and practices which reflect New Zealand's dual cultural heritage.

Community Partnership

To establish a partnership with the school's community and be responsive to its educational needs and wishes by:

  • continuing to implement the Community Affairs  policy;
  • providing opportunities for parent involvement for the direct benefit of their children and to enhance co-operation with the teachers;
  • ensuring that the Board is representative of the community.

PLEASE NOTE. The National Educational Goals and National Education Guidelines are automatically included in the Charter.