2017 Stationery Packs

The following stationery packs are available from the school office.

Each pack has the items listed below it for that age group.

REMINDER: we do not have EFT-POS at school - all purchases in cash please.

NE/Year 1 Stationery List: (Room 12)  Cost: $23.00 per pack

1 x Book bag
1 x Scrap book
2 x 35g Glue Stick
2 x Junior Triangular pencils
1 x Packet Jovi crayons 12s
2 x LWB exercise books
4 x 1U4 exercise books
1 x 3B1 notebook
10 x HB pencils (good quality)

YEARS 2/3 Stationery List: (Rooms 10 and 11)  Cost: $21.00 per pack

1 x 3B1 Notebook
2 x 35g Glue Sticks
1 x 1H5 exercise book
10 x HB pencils (good quality)

1 x 30cm plastic ruler
1 x Scrap book
1 x LWB exercise book
2 x 1U4 writing books
4 x 1I5 writing books

1 x pkt Jovi Crayons 12’s

Please purchase this item from the school office if you do not have one:
1x Book Bag  Cost: $5

YEARS 4/5/6 Stationery List: (Rooms 4, 5 and 6) Cost: $22.00 per pack
1 x 30cm Ruler
1 x Eraser
4 x 35g Glue Sticks
4 x Blue Biros
2 x 1E8 Maths books
2 x Pencil sharpeners
10 x HB pencils (good quality)
2 x Red Biros
6 x 1B8 exercise books